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Inverter Batteries Features

  • Tubular batteries are made of robust and aesthetically superior PPCP (Polypropylene Co
    polymer) container.
  • Positive spine grids produced on High Pressure Die Casting (PDC) Machines give defectfree
    grid with fine gain structure; result in excellent corrosion resistance and long life.
    Negatives are made from Automatic Grid Casting Machine.
  • Pasted negative plates.
  • High tensile acid resistant polyester gauntlets.
  • High porosity envelope separators.
  • Low antimony selenium alloy enhances the life of battery & minimizes water loss and reduces the topping up frequencies.
  • Heavy duty tubular plates excellent cycle life (1500cycle at 80% DOD and 5000 cycles at 20% DOD).
  • Heavy duty terminals.
  • Deep cycling capabilities.
  • Higher ampere-hour and watt-hour efficiencies.
  • Quality certification for ISO 9001 ensure the consistency in the product quality.

Products Application:

  • Home UPS/ Inverter System etc.